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Choosing the Right Clothes Dryer:

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when you have the right tools at your disposal. A crucial element in any modern laundry room is the clothes dryer, but with a variety of options on the market, finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll explore the key features to consider when selecting a clothes dryer for efficient and effective laundry care.

Types of Clothes Dryers

The first decision in choosing a clothes dryer is determining the type that best suits your needs. There are two main types: vented and ventless. Vented dryers expel warm air through a hose, typically requiring an external vent. Ventless dryers, on the other hand, use various technologies to dry clothes without the need for external venting, making them suitable for more flexible installation.

Capacity Matters

The drum capacity of a dryer is a critical factor, especially for larger households. A larger capacity allows you to dry more clothes in a single cycle, saving time and energy. Consider your typical laundry load size and choose a dryer that accommodates it comfortably.

Energy Efficiency

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, opting for an energy-efficient dryer is a wise choice. Look for models with high energy efficiency ratings, as they not only contribute to a greener planet but also result in lower utility bills over time.

Drying Programs and Sensors

Modern dryers come equipped with a variety of drying programs tailored for different fabrics and needs. Sensors can detect moisture levels in the clothes, automatically adjusting the drying time to prevent over-drying. This not only protects your clothes but also enhances energy efficiency.

Noise Level

If your laundry room is close to living spaces, the noise level of the dryer becomes crucial. Choose a model with advanced noise reduction features to ensure a quieter laundry experience without disturbing other activities in your home.

Additional Features

Consider additional features that can enhance your overall laundry experience. Some dryers come with steam functions to reduce wrinkles, while others offer smart technology for remote monitoring and control via smartphone apps. Explore these features to find the ones that align with your preferences and lifestyle.

Maintenance and Durability

Investing in a dryer that is easy to maintain and built to last is a smart decision. Check for features like a removable lint filter for easy cleaning and a robust build that can withstand frequent use.


Choosing the right clothes dryer involves a careful consideration of your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s the type of dryer, capacity, energy efficiency, or additional features, each factor plays a role in creating a hassle-free laundry routine. With the right clothes dryer, you can streamline the drying process, leaving you with more time for the things you enjoy. So, bid farewell to damp clothes and embrace the efficiency of a dryer that suits your lifestyle.

The Best Home Cinema: What to Choose?

Home cinema is not just a luxury for cinephiles, but also a way to transform your living room into a true entertainment hub. However, choosing the right equipment can be quite a challenge due to the multitude of options on the market. Below is a guide to the best components that will make your home cinema an unforgettable movie-watching experience.

TV or Projector?

The first step in creating the perfect home cinema is choosing the main display. TV or projector? It depends on your preferences and the available space in the room. A TV will provide excellent image quality, especially if you opt for a 4K and HDR-enabled model. On the other hand, a projector offers a larger image, which can be beneficial in larger spaces.

Resolution and Display Technology

If you opt for a TV, pay attention to the screen resolution. 4K has become the standard, ensuring a crisp image. If budget allows, consider OLED models for deep blacks and excellent contrast.

For projectors, important parameters include brightness, contrast, and resolution. 4K projectors are becoming more popular, and models with laser technology can deliver impressive image quality.

Sound System

Good sound is a key element of the home cinema experience. In this case, a soundbar or a home theater system can make a significant difference. The sound system should be tailored to the size of the room and offer features such as surround sound or support for the latest audio standards.

Multimedia Player and Streaming

Modern home cinemas cannot do without a proper multimedia player. Choose one that supports the latest movie formats and features such as HDR or Dolby Vision. Additionally, equipment with streaming capabilities will allow you to access the latest releases directly from the internet.

Furniture and Accessories

The last but not least important elements are furniture and accessories. Comfortable chairs, a lighting system, and even a popcorn maker—all contribute to the atmosphere of a home cinema. Choose furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides comfort during long movie sessions.

Smart Features and Integration with Smart Home Systems

Contemporary home cinemas are not just about top-notch technical parameters but also intelligent solutions. When choosing a TV or multimedia player, check if they have Smart TV features. Integration with a Smart Home system will allow for easy device control from one place, enhancing the overall convenience of using your home cinema.

Upgradeability and Future-Proof Technology

Technology evolves rapidly, so it’s worth investing in equipment that will remain relevant for many years. When selecting a TV or projector, pay attention to their ability to receive software updates and compatibility with future image and sound standards. This ensures that you can enjoy high-quality visuals even as home cinema technology advances.


Creating the perfect home cinema is an investment, but it can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. The choice of equipment depends on individual preferences and the available budget. Remember to strike a balance between image quality and sound, and your living room will become a place where cinematic experiences take on a new dimension.

Android Auto – what is it?

A loads or two years back, we only listened to songs from radio broadcasts or CDs while driving. In time, USB ports and mini jack sockets have actually ended up being long-term fixtures in radios. Currently, gamers installed in vehicles are instead little computer systems that no longer resemble their analog equivalents. Among the current remedies is Android Vehicle. What is this? We describe in the overview below. We invite you to read auto fans and also even more!
Android Auto – what is it?

Individuals who do not comply with technological as well as automobile information with flushed faces might question what Android Vehicle is. What is this? Google has prepared a special modus operandi of the system mounted, for example, on a smart device. The automobile feature enables you to clone a picture from your phone and display it on your car’s computer display. Most vehicles that are a couple of years old have big display screens mounted in the cabin, which makes arrangement less complicated. Naturally, auto manufacturers use most of their solutions, including automaps. Nevertheless, lots of people favor to make use of the applications provided by the Android system. This is reasonable, because we are one of the most aware of them. As a result, addressing the question of what Android Vehicle is, it needs to be considered that it is a remedy that permits you to conveniently utilize the functionality of your phone, however on the automobile’s computer system display. Thanks to this, it is possible to interact, make use of Google Maps as well as many various other programs. This solution is also much safer for all roadway users. Android Vehicle additionally allows you to manage voice commands, as holds true with the rest of the phones.

How to start using Android Auto in your car?

To start with, you need to know exactly how to set up Android Automobile. To do this, grab your smartphone and also introduce the Google Play Store. Get in the name of the application in the internet search engine as well as download it to your phone. After downloading the file, the program will be installed in the smart device’s memory. That’s it – from now on you will certainly have the ability to run the application on your phone with no issues.

Keep in mind that each software application has various demands that should be met for it to function correctly. In this case, these are the basic demands. Android on your phone should be no older than 5.0. Considering that new smartphones already make use of „eleven”, Google actually did not set bench high. Certainly, the radio itself in your automobile must additionally fulfill the pertinent technological needs. Not every gamer will have the ability to attach to the application. If your vehicle radio is compatible with a mobile phone, you will certainly also require to configure the settings.

What is Android Auto Setup?

The arrangement of Android Automobile looks a bit different in each case. Of course, the brand name of the cars and truck also matters. Proprietors of just some vehicles can delight in the fully appropriate Polish variation of the application. Fully suitable brands include BMW, Skoda, Toyota and Kia. There are a number of means to use Android Car. The initial one consists in attaching the phone with the system installed in the car. In this case, the application user interface is displayed on the on-board computer system screen. It deserves including that the solution from Google does not change the software application mounted by the vehicle supplier. It is just an overlay that matches its capabilities with brand-new, fascinating features. This additionally means that it is not feasible to regulate the vehicle’s settings from the Android application. This configuration is needed for your car’s system environment. This is proper as well as secure for the vehicle electronics.

The second approach of connection is also intriguing. In this instance, the application is managed from the smartphone display. It is with the phone that applications are introduced, without the requirement to make use of the automobile’s computer screen. This is an useful attribute if you’re using the auto maker’s integrated navigating as well as your guests simply wish to transform the music playing via the speakers.

Which mobile apps does Android Auto support?

Most Definitely Android Vehicle is a 21st century remedy that allows you to easily make use of the convenience of the Android system. It is possible to use navigation, forms of interaction with other people and also even more. Many people use Google Maps, which is one of the very best applications that direct the customer to a location. Thanks to Google Maps offered as part of Android Car, the motorist can rapidly get to the destination, delighting in the best available path. This application assesses website traffic volumes and also allows you to report website traffic checks, crashes and also issues when traveling. Thanks to this, you can make a decision ahead of time to change the course. It is just one of the smarter navigating applications around, and it’s also great for foot web traffic when you’re checking out vacation locations. Of course, Android Auto additionally permits you to use various other applications. We state this concerning WhatsApp, Skype or Carrier, among others.

Certainly, the motorist must concentrate on driving while driving as well as instead avoid contacting anybody, also with a hands-free system. Concentrating on the roadway stays clear of awful shocks when traveling. Occasionally, nevertheless, the need for call is immediate and afterwards Android Vehicle is useful. It is additionally possible to utilize media libraries. This includes, to name a few, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and also Amazon Songs. This is an alternate not only to tracks videotaped on flash memory, however likewise to radio stations that can occasionally tire us with commercials. Importantly, Android Auto sustains voice commands. This implies that you do not have to select any type of options by hand, just by saying the appropriate formula. It’s extremely secure and also simple. It additionally functions well when operating roadway navigating.

Android in an older car – is it possible?

Can proprietors of older vehicles additionally gain from similar options? Normally! On the market of car accessories there are accessories committed to simply such individuals. You do not need to alter the automobile for a couple of years to enjoy the comfort of use and Android performance. All you have to do is replace the head device with an Android cars and truck radio. 2DIN radios are larger tools that are two standard auto stereos tall. Such tools extremely typically have Android or another system set up that works with smart devices generally readily available on offer. Of course, these are likewise players suitable with Apple mobile devices.

Just in our online shop there are currently lots of models of such radio gamers. They are typically furnished with several sorts of ports and readers. It is typically possible to link flash memory, memory cards, as well as discs, although their appeal is gradually declining. When picking an Android radio for your automobile, examine the supported audio requirements. Most significantly, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and also WAV layouts can be played. You need to also inspect the power outcome – specifically if you like to listen to top quality music. Many Android head systems permit you to link to your mobile phone by means of Bluetooth. The very best designs have built-in memory on which you can install applications readily available in the Google Play shop. The huge, legible display of such devices permits you to watch also movies as well as images without losing quality.

Next-gen DDR5 memory – essentials

Although DDR5 memory has been available on store shelves for several months, it is still a mystery for many people who assemble their computer sets. So is it worth moving towards a new generation of memory or is it still suffering from too many childhood ailments?
Each new technology enters the market as the locomotive starts from the platform. Slowly, awkwardly, at first, gathering strength, then speed up and wipe out the entire previous generation. In short, this is how you could describe the first steps of DDR5 on the market. Because although it has been available in many stores for months, everything is unfortunately still in its infancy. So is it better to give it up and focus on DDR4? Not quite, although it does, if we take certain things into account. However, the topic is more complex, so I invite you to read this article. I will try to answer the question of whether investing towards DDR5 is a good move at the end of the third quarter of 2022.

Does buying DDR5 make sense?

We’ll start with the most important question that plagues many people who are currently replacing their computers. Is this a good time to switch to a new technology? Won’t DDR4 still get better? What are the costs of switching to the new technology? Unfortunately, I do not have one specific answer for you: „yes, take it blind” or „no, it is better to hold off”, because ultimately it will depend on several variables, which for each of us may be completely different. In the end, they should make the final decision.
Before we start, however, I would like to emphasize one thing again: switching to DDR5 involves costs, quite considerable, it should be added. And I am not just talking about the purchase of memory chips only, where the purchase of two CAS Latency modules at the level of 38 costs 300 euros. The new standard will also require a motherboard that supports the new generation of memory and a processor that will work with it. So, for „good morning” we are faced with the necessity to purchase three components and each of them (due to the new technology to which it is adapted) has an appropriately raised price. Well, DDR4 experienced the same problem after its release, so it’s worth staying patient and allowing yourself to be embraced by the new technology.
What if finances are not a problem and we absolutely want to switch to DDR5? I still suggest that you think carefully about the subject. If costs, possible problems with stability (although in the case of RAM they practically do not occur, it is worth having it at the back of your head) and low availability are not an obstacle, it is worth answering the question of what applications we want to use DDR5 bones for. I mean the purpose strictly for gaming or applications (e.g. for editing movies, graphics programs, etc.).
If you are gamers, I would recommend investing in the top DDR4 model or holding off. First of all, most of you will not have to buy a CPU and a motherboard, so the two big expenses are gone. But most importantly, the best DDR4 memory models have latency unattainable by DDR5, although the situation is sure to change. I heard voices saying that the makers of the new dice went in the wrong direction by knocking up the memory clock while ignoring timings. This is just an early phase affliction, which will certainly decrease – probably at the end of the year (or even earlier) we will see CL16 modules. With DDR4 it was exactly the same, when the memory suffered from high latencies, which were gradually reduced with subsequent models . In tests, the fight between good DDR4 models and the „initial” DDR5 offer is even.

Suffice it to say that the polished clock up to 5600 MHz can give way to the fourth generation models with a speed of 3800 MHz! Does this mean that the new standard is a flap? On the contrary, I dare say that it shows how much hope is DDR5, though not yet. The basic models of the new memory can beat on equal footing with the strong representatives of DDR4. This offers great prospects for this standard, which already in the early stages of its existence took a balanced fight against DDR4, which has already reached its peak and launched the heaviest guns against it.
So if you are an impatient gamer who needs a cito gaming platform, I advise you to invest in strong DDR4 (assuming you have a mobo and CPU that will squeeze all the potential out of the top model). However, if you are patient and would like to change to a new standard, I would advise you to wait a few months with the purchase. The war in Ukraine, although it may be a slowdown, should not have a big impact on the appearance of new models on the market with lower delays and lower prices. It’s time for DDR5 to dominate the gaming world.
But what if the computer is your work tool, and its main purpose is to support heavy applications for professional use? Well, in this case, the high memory bandwidth often plays a big role, so DDR5, which have higher clock speeds, simply perform better. In practical use in rendering, compression, photo transfer etc. the advantage of DDR5 is significant. If the computer is your work tool, you will appreciate the possibilities of the new generation, but you will still have to modernize two other components accordingly.
DDR5 still suffers from childhood ailments, the solution of which is only a matter of time. Before buying, however, we suggest that you think carefully about the matter, we hope that our advice will be helpful for you.

What a mouse for a graphic designer?

When working with a computer, you certainly pay special attention to your own comfort, but also to the functionality of all components working together, including the peripheral ones. One of them is the computer mouse, which is one of the most important devices, serving as an extension of our own hand in the virtual world of operating systems and the numerous programs we use. It is especially important when working with graphics, because accuracy and precision are the most important here. What functions should a mouse have for a graphic designer? You can find the answer to this question in our guide.

Digital brush

The work of a computer graphic requires a lot of patience, but most of all precision. In many situations, this is what the final effect depends on, which is entirely based on thousands of small details that, combined with each other, can create something that will arouse our satisfaction. Therefore, computer graphic designers attach great importance to what equipment they use in their daily work. A high-quality monitor is a matter of course, but the whole graphic creation process can be further improved if we notice how much a mouse can help here for a graphic designer. Unlike other professions related to working at the computer, a graphic designer spends a large part of his time with the mouse in his hand, correcting, improving, changing the form so that the end result is as close as possible to the vision in his head. To some extent, it can even be compared to the way professional painters work, with the difference that instead of a palette of paints, the graphic artist has a keyboard, so the mouse will act as a digital brush. Every painter knows perfectly well that it is the brush that determines the effect on the canvas. Therefore, when choosing the right mouse, every graphic designer should ensure that it is of the best quality and has all the necessary functions. Many people prefer special graphic tablets, but a large part of graphic designers still prefer the traditional mouse. How to choose the right model and what to pay attention to first?

The most important features of a mouse for a graphic designer

The most important thing that we should think about before we start buying a mouse is to precisely define our needs and requirements. It is known that each person works in a different way and pays attention to different things when it comes to using peripheral devices, which is a mouse for a graphic designer. These devices are constantly changing and being improved in order to better meet the needs of users. So let’s think about our habits, which will play a large role in using the new mouse for a graphic designer.

The first thing is how the mouse communicates with the computer. We can choose between a wired and a wireless mouse. The former has the advantage over the latter in that the computer’s response time to traffic is much faster, which can be a significant factor for many people. However, these are not the values ​​that make a huge difference. The wireless mouse gives us more freedom of movement, which can be a significant convenience with constant use when working with graphics. At this point, it is also worth paying attention to whether the mouse is optical or laser. The first is more accurate, but the second is more sensitive.

Ergonomics is a word that should permanently enter the dictionary of every computer graphic artist, because after long work in front of a computer monitor, sooner or later we will start to feel unpleasant pains caused by sedentary work. It is worth ensuring that our mouse for a graphic designer is as ergonomic as possible, because our hand, and above all the wrist, is exposed to the greatest load, although it may not look like that at first glance. Incorrect wrist positioning, at an unnatural angle, can lead to serious health problems, which in the long run may be a significant difficulty in working as a computer graphic artist in the future. In our stores you will find special ergonomic mice that will relieve the wrist with their shape, which will quickly translate into increasing the comfort of work.

The additional buttons are, like the ergonomics mentioned above, almost a necessity. An ordinary computer mouse is limited to only two buttons and a roller, so each change of its settings requires us to enter the computer settings. A mouse for a graphic designer should have at least a few additional buttons, which, as we will quickly find out, will become a great help at work. Sensitivity control, the „back” and „forward” buttons are just a few of them, but it is worth taking a look at mice that have the ability to program button functions. Thanks to this, we will be able to choose what tasks they will fulfill in our work with graphic programs. This will allow you to use additional buttons in the same way as keyboard shortcuts, which most graphic designers probably use every day. Therefore, it will not only improve the comfort of their use, but also increase efficiency.

Let’s check the surroundings and the length of the wire

Let’s go back to wired mice for a moment. If we decided to choose such a solution, it is worth making sure that the mouse for the graphic designer serves us as well as possible. The most important feature of a wired mouse should be the length of the cable that connects the mouse to the computer. It is enough to measure the distance from the computer to the place where we will use the mouse and based on this measurement, choose the appropriate model in our stores. However, you shouldn’t go overboard too much, as too long a cable can be as problematic as too short. It is also worth looking at the material that covers the mouse cable for the graphic designer. A popular solution is a braided cable, which additionally protects it against mechanical damage that may arise as a result of its use. We are talking here mainly about wiping, but the braided cable should also be an appropriate protection against rolling over it with the wheels of our armchair.

A mouse for a graphic designer will be our everyday work tool, so it is worth paying attention to all the parameters provided by us to facilitate the work, but also to ensure the convenience of its performance.

Transparent TVs from Xiaomi

Transparent TV sets, although they are created, remain only a curiosity. We could watch the Xiaomi transparent TV in Europe not so long ago. It looks great, but what is it for? Read on!

How does Xiaomi Transparent TV work?

The Chinese concern Xiaomi has the habit of surprising with innovative device designs. An example of such equipment is the phenomenal smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition TV has also joined the group of products straight from the future.
What „magic” makes the Xiaomi Transparent TV work? Some of the answers can be found in the name itself. The device uses an OLED panel. Putting on such a panel is a kind of necessity. Unlike LCD matrices, OLED displays do not need a separate backlight. The presence of such a module would make it impossible to create a transparent screen.
The OLED matrix itself is not transparent, however. So it was necessary to use its special variant, RGBW. To understand the difference, it is necessary to refer to the knowledge of what a pixel consists of – sub-pixels of white, blue, green and red colors.
On Xiaomi’s transparent TV, however, only half of each pixel is made up of colored sub-pixels. The second part is transparent. This made it possible to construct a screen that displays a color image when the video is turned on and goes back to transparency when it is turned off.
The transparent display means that it is a TV without a back covering the necessary components. Somewhere, however, it was necessary to find a place for them. For this reason, the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition has a round base in which they fit.

Who can use a transparent TV?

To answer this question, please refer to the technical specifications of the device. This TV set has a screen size of 55 inches and a Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels). As already mentioned, it is a matrix made in OLED technology. This means that the colors are reproduced naturally. This is especially true of black, which is deep and not slightly grayish as is the case with LCD displays.
However, the TV is not only an image, but also sound and software. Dolby Atmos surround sound technology is responsible for the listening experience. It is also a smart TV thanks to MIUI TV, the manufacturer’s cover for Android TV.
So who will need the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition transparent TV? The unusual appearance of this equipment attracts attention. For this reason, business customers may be interested in it. Such a TV set will look great in public places. Even shops can be interested in it. Presentation of available goods, prices and promotions on a device with such a unique appearance may be more effective than on a traditional screen.
Buying a transparent TV set is also a good choice for an art gallery. Displaying graphic works or photos of artists, for example during modern art exhibitions, would emphasize even more the contemporary nature of the works and the place of their presentation.
Individual customers will also benefit from the advantages of a transparent TV set. It can be a good choice for gamers due to its good screen refresh rate (120 Hz). Due to the average diagonal, this equipment will also work well for people who have smaller apartments.
Who, however, the Xiaomi TV will not be useful? Certainly for people who value the highest image quality, i.e. 4K or 8K. In addition, due to the design of the base, it cannot be hung on the wall.

Is it possible to buy a transparent TV?

The above description may encourage many people to buy a transparent TV. Where to find this amazing equipment? Unfortunately, in none of the European stores. This device is only available in China. Xiaomi is not the only company that offers a transparent TV set. Who else produces such devices? Among others, LG and Panasonic – their TV sets are also difficult to obtain in Europe.
Transparent TV is no longer science fiction. It is a reality that once could only be dreamed of. Although these types of televisions are not yet as perfect as classic designs, over time they will probably catch up with their more ordinary counterparts. Would you buy a transparent TV?

5.1 sound in games – what that means

5.1 multi-channel gaming audio is increasingly becoming the new gaming norm. Many productions have great sound design, so it’s no wonder that players want to enjoy it in the best possible way. Does surround sound allow this?

5.1 sound – what does that mean?

Actually, what is 5.1 sound? This name refers to the sound source system consisting of five speakers and one subwoofer. Usually this scheme is used for home theater assembly, but it is also great for gaming. Multichannel audio surrounds the player on all sides, giving the impression of being right in the middle of the game. The location from which the audio will be played can be determined by the production’s sound director. However, much more often you can find game engines that calculate the ideal sound source in real time.
This means that surround sound can take the realism of the game to an even higher level. For example: while controlling a tank, in one of the Battlefield series games, we will hear the sounds of the machine working from all sides. This solution allows you to fully experience the production being played. Games with phenomenal sound design like Skyrim take advantage of the possibilities that surround sound offers in a perfect way.

What is multi-channel audio good for?

5.1 sound will be perfect for productions that strongly focus on the quality of sound design. Usually, players focus on beautiful graphics or the physics engine, but nothing is more immersive than a good soundtrack. Surround sound in The Witcher 3 completely changes the face of the game. Ordinary walks around Novigrad, Beauclair or Oxenfurt, which until now players have kept to a minimum, have become an extraordinary experience. Dozens of different voices from all sides create the atmosphere of a real, living city.
Surround can have a real influence on the player’s decisions. In the latest production of Naughty Dog – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which supports the PS5’s 3D sound system, the player’s arsenal can be selected according to various sounds made by weapons. A better sounding gun will then take its place like a nondescript gun. It is similar in FIFA 21 – the chants that accompany our team’s struggles in Ultimate Team gain extraordinary depth. The process of selecting your favorite fans’ songs thus becomes much more detailed.

Does 5.1 sound give you an edge in games?

Some productions that focus on multiplayer gameplay can gain a lot from multi-channel audio. Surround in CS: GO allows you to more accurately locate the enemy. Surround sound, unlike regular stereo, allows you to determine where the sounds of shots or footsteps come from. With the normal 2.1, we only know that the opponent is „somewhere” behind. Thanks to the creation of phantom images, 5.1 sound will allow you to more accurately determine the location of the threatening enemy.
However, this technology can be unreliable, especially in headphones. For this reason, looking towards esports, we are unlikely to encounter surround sound at any of the major tournaments. The discussion between stereo and surround supporters usually ends in one sentence: a good stereo set provides better sound quality, while 5.1 and 7.1 systems position the sound much better. With the digital surround, we often encounter a few errors that cause sounds to be played from the wrong place. For a Sunday player, this won’t be too much of a problem, but for a professional, this type of bug may mean losing a round. or the entire meeting.

Can my computer play surround sound?

Not every computer supports 3D audio. What do I need to play 5.1 audio? The sound card is the basis for full surround. Most processors have an integrated soundboard, but the audio quality usually leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, it is worth investing in specialized equipment, both internal and external.
In addition to checking if we have the right equipment, you also need to turn on the appropriate options in the system settings to get surround sound. By clicking the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen with the right mouse button, we will get the option to turn on surround sound. Depending on the system version, this option may be hidden in the sound settings in the control panel.

5.1 sound on headphones

Virtual 5.1 or even 7.1 sound has also recently appeared in headphones. Unfortunately, in most cases, their surround is only apparent. Many tests, which can be watched, for example on YouTube, have confirmed that ordinary stereo headphones are also good at creating the impression of depth. Often, rather than investing in very expensive 7.1 systems, it is better to find the right editing software to give the sounds played an apparent spaciousness. Most of them are available for free! Of course, products of top brands intended for audiophiles, such as Dolby or Creative, will cope better with this type of codec. However, their purchase may be associated with quite high costs. To put it briefly: the multichannel sound in headphones is considered by most players as a marketing „gadget”, and not a revolutionizing solution.

5.1 sound from the speakers

It is completely different with the appropriate speaker positioning. 5.1 or 7.1 sound obtained thanks to the appropriate pattern of drivers is a solution that has been used for a long time in almost every home theater system. The array of speakers and subwoofer aimed at the listener seated in the center creates a true sense of depth in multi-channel sound. The biggest disadvantage of this scheme is the space that the speakers have to occupy. Residents of small rooms may have a real problem with the proper placement of all sound sources.
Surround sound is increasingly being used in the game development process. If you want to fully use it, be sure to test even the software that allows you to play it on headphones. Realistic audio may be just what you’re missing from fully immersing yourself in the game!

Which smartwatch to choose? Overview

The progress in the field of miniaturization is remarkable – fifteen years ago there were nearly no smartphones with a touch display, and also today the most up to date hit are smartwatches, i.e. computerized watches with a variety of features helpful in daily life. Just how are smartwatches various from each various other? Which one should you pick? Right here is a thorough overview, thanks to which you will certainly discover what to try to find when acquiring a smartwatch!

What is a smartwatch and also how does it work?

A smartwatch is a device that appears like a standard watch. Nevertheless, unlike its equivalent, it is loaded with electronic devices – inside there is actually a tiny computer system that not only displays the existing day and also time, however likewise allows you to utilize a variety of different functions. Naturally, it is worth remembering that a smartwatch varies dramatically from a mobile phone by the absence of a huge display, that makes it impossible to utilize it for watching flicks or keying in a conversation. In spite of some restrictions, a smartwatch is useful in daily life, as well as this tools is appreciated largely by sporting activities lovers or people that such as technical innovations. The vibrant growth of the marketplace suggests that smartwatches are acquiring an increasing number of applications. We can expect that in terms of the ease of use, they will soon not vary a lot from the typical smart device.

Acquiring a smartwatch – the most crucial criteria

When purchasing a smartwatch, it is worth taking notice of a number of criteria. One of the most crucial of these is mobile phone compatibility. This is particularly real for the Apple Watch, which just supports iphone gadgets. When it pertains to visual problems, it is worth relying upon your visual preferences, keeping in mind concerning picking a design with a completely huge display as well as a screen made in one of the more recent innovations (OLED, AMOLED). The key aspect of any type of smartwatch is the battery life, along with the presence of additional features. A good addition is the assistance for GPS, Bluetooth, NFC settlements. Sports enthusiasts need to get a smartwatch with a high blood pressure screen as well as a heart price display, and people who wish to be in constant call can reach for a version geared up with a SIM card, microphone and very easy handling of incoming and also outward bound phone calls.
The enormous riches of devices offered on the market implies that everyone will certainly discover something on their own. When picking a smartwatch, you should be guided primarily by the functions that will certainly become essential during day-to-day use. Significantly, as befits modern-day electronic tools, smartwatches are not affordable, and also such a large expense must be carefully studied!

OLED matrix television, a new dimension of picture quality

OLED TVs, although still extremely expensive, are taking our market by tornado, which is aided by a multitude of favorable reviews as well as customer viewpoints. It is not surprising that – according to experts, the OLED matrix is a real innovation in display layout, which converts right into superb picture high quality (practically) equal to cinema displays. What are OLED matrix Televisions? Why are they so liked by flick followers? We clarify!

How does OLED technology work?

OLED technology was established nearly fifteen years back by Japanese Sony, as well as tvs based upon it struck store shelves just for a couple of years. Behind the abbreviation OLED stands „natural light-emiting diode”. It’s fairly old technology, creatively adapted to the needs of contemporary displays. There are four LEDs for each pixel present in the television set, each with a different light: environment-friendly, blue, red and also white. This combination enables a far better rendering of contrasts and also different tones of particular colors.

OLED TVs charm with pictures and also colors

Although OLED matrix Televisions have several benefits, the majority of experts explain that their most important attribute is the perfect making of black tones. I have to admit that movies and collection with clear darkness look outstanding on OLED TVs. The blackness appears to be incredibly deep, and the gotten result impresses and allows you to appreciate the picture. A comparable, though slightly less obvious impact occurs in the case of clear, extremely contrasting colors. OLED television customers see the distinction in the beginning glimpse and also do not intend to return to old Televisions with a traditional LCD matrix.

OLED matrix TVs – the finest at a high rate

Unfortunately, OLED matrix TV sets are still extremely expensive, which is influenced by relatively low demand and huge production costs. As it usually happens, in this case quality has to be paid for, and many people looking for a TV Unfortunately, OLED matrix TV sets are still extremely pricey, which is influenced by relatively reduced need and also massive production prices. As it typically takes place, in this case top quality needs to be paid for, and many individuals seeking a television set either wish to prevent excessive costs or merely do not realize the advantages of the modern technology concerned. We have already written about the latter in detail, but we would love to include that OLED TVs with a huge display diagonal will be best for 4K Blu-Ray players. This mix will allow you to obtain a picture of an extraordinary high quality and enjoy the pure charm of the watched movie!

We pick an office laptop computer for $ 600

A laptop is an extremely useful device that allows comfortable work and remote learning from anywhere – from home, from a vacation trip or on a train. The cheapest devices can be found for a few hundred dollars, but their technical parameters may turn out to be too weak for everyday, comfortable use. Fortunately, you can also find cheap nA laptop is an extremely useful tool that permits comfy work as well as remote learning from anywhere – from home, from a vacation trip or on a train. The least expensive devices can be discovered for a couple of hundred dollars, yet their technical criteria may turn out to be also weak for day-to-day, comfy usage. Fortunately, you can likewise discover low-cost notebooks on sale for as much as six hundred dollars. In this overview, we will help you choose an office laptop approximately this quantity!

Processor as well as RAM in a workplace laptop computer

Although each notebook can boast a number of parts, two of them are the most crucial as well as are in charge of the smooth procedure of the entire. The cpu as well as RAM memory, because we are talking about them, are the heart of every office laptop. Presently, the minimum needed for comfortable job is 8 GB RAM, which for a laptop computer up to $ 600 suffices. When it pertains to the cpu, it is worth choosing the most effective, even at the cost of other elements. Presently, AMD cpus can boast far better efficiency – in their instance, it deserves betting on the budget reps of the most recent generation.

SSD is a staple in an office laptop computer

SSDs are the most up to date fashion as well as a considerable improvement over their precursors, the HDD. They are not only much less emergency, however additionally much faster, which translates right into both the loading time of Windows and the procedure of applications based on the intensive use gadget memory. As a result, an SSD drive need to be an essential for any kind of workplace laptop computer approximately $ 600. However, a good concept for cost savings is to decrease its quantity – 256 GB is enough to keep at the very least a couple of games or a number of loads motion pictures, and if needed, you can always acquire an area in the cloud.

Battery ability as well as weight of the gadget as well as day-to-day useevice and daily use

Ultimately, we would like to state two problems pertaining to the everyday use an office laptop. In the group of mobile computers as much as $ 600, it’s hard to discover devices that is both important as well as has a capacious battery. Allow’s face it – economical laptop computers are just heavy, which can be frustrating if you take them with you to function or university. Obviously, you can pick a portable laptop with a small screen, however it is awkward to watch films or play video games on such tools. For that reason, also prior to buying, it deserves taking into consideration exactly how the tool will be made use of and considered. When doubtful, the best option is constantly a global office laptop up to $ 600 with a good processor, SSD and 8GB of RAM.