Samsung S21 – Is It Worth the Cost?

The best of the new Samsung flagship is constantly a substantial occasion. It was no different in the case of the Samsung S21, a phone that, according to marketing professionals of the Korean corporation, was to reinvent the marketplace of mobile phones. Although a long time has actually passed since the best of the device, lots of people are still considering buying it. Is the Samsung S21 worth the money? Below is our testimonial!

The Samsung S21 still looks outrageous

Let’s begin with the look of the gadget, since that’s the first thing we saw. The Samsung S21 looks outstanding, regardless of the chosen shade. This likewise puts on the plastic rear of the phone, which does not scratch after a long period of time of use and also maintains a consistent shade. Followers of the more glass layout of the Sony Xperia might be inhibited, however a lot of customers will be more than happy with the appearance of the Korean smart device.

How does the Samsung S21 operate in daily usage?

As befits an expensive flagship phone, the Samsung S21 is made from the highest quality parts, with a Samsung Exynos 2100 cpu. The tool functions efficiently as well as does not stutter despite having the most demanding applications or mobile video games. This is mainly due to the Android overlay prepared by the producer, which includes a number of beneficial applications as well as is very transparent, as well as for that reason pleasant for newbies. We likewise appreciate the good quality of the screen, additionally enhanced by Gorilla Glass innovation. On the Samsung S21, you can easily view films or check out Instagram images without shedding excessive of the high quality.

The pictures and also videos taken with the Samsung S21 are … great

We put a barrel of honey on the Samsung S21, so now it’s time for a tsp of resentment. The cam and the video camera with which the smartphone is equipped are really good … However that’s it. Affordable phones under the sign of the broken apple still attain far better results, even if the technical criteria of the Samsung video camera are very good. It is difficult to state what could be the reason for this, but probably the final quality of the pictures is affected by the algorithms handling the video camera setups and also immediately retouching the image. Despite this tiny attention, the Samsung S21 is still ideal for taking images in everyday usage!

Samsung Galaxy S21 testimonial – recap

Inevitably, the Samsung S21 is an outstanding front runner that most certainly deserves the distinction of among the best phones on the market. Although some time has actually passed because its premiere, the price of the device still seems high (as well as perhaps even excessive), but in our viewpoint it is worth it. Besides, it has been recognized for a very long time that high quality sets you back cash!